Its getting closer ! Our order confirmations are starting to come in and we have some amazing allocations from warner music so thanks to them !! Some great titles from Universal music, Cargo and Music on Vinyl too……Lots more to still be confirmed including the rag n bone man 45 and Run the Jewels box set ! ITS GOING TO BE A GREAT RSD at VINYL & VINTAGE…. WE WILL BE OPEN AT 8 AM….. Your allocations will be decided on the morning depending on the Q and quantity of records that we receive. Its likely to be 10 or more… NO DUPLICATES – So you can`t buy more than one record of the same title……. If you are in the Q you must be for the duration before you are served apart from a bathroom break… SO NO TAG TEAMING PLEASE ! We will send the local cafe up to take orders of coffee, tea and a bacon, egg or sausage bap – likely to be £2 …. We hope to be in by 7 and if we`ve time will bring round a drink and a sugar rush treat !!! ALL RECORDS WILL BE SERVED ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS NO SET ASIDES FOR ANYONE SORRY ITS THE RULES! …. Until the next RSD Update we are adding tons of records and cds to the racks daily – wow have we found some great stock hidden away in the old shop !! Lots of framed gig posters plus some of you may have noticed we have a few JUKEBOXES too !! Thanks to you all for your continued support making Vinyl & Vintage the biggest record shop in the west midlands !! SIZE REALLY DOES MATTER!

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